team_goNot unlike a circus ring leader, Genna Osborne has a preternatural talent for herding creative types into conforming to timelines and budgets. A degree in graphic design means she understands the craft, but a type-A personality and utter tirelessness (i.e. sending invoices two hours before giving birth to twin girls!) means she runs a tight ship and can surmount any obstacle.

Beyond her addiction to spreadsheets, Osborne’s skills and breadth of experience are remarkable. As a project manager at Nemo Design, she piloted the Nike account—managing a full ad campaign, including illustrations and the creative team on top of budgets, timelines, and client expectations. The client was elated when the campaign came in under budget. A stint at Black Box honed her skills in retail and fabrication projects, and as a film producer for North, she helped develop several compelling short films for KEEN footwear.

These days, Genna herds a three daughters in addition to creative teams. Who needs sleep?!

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Hometown: Eugene, Oregon