team_jsA former professional snowboarder and Senior Editor at Transworld Snowboarding magazine, Jennifer Sherowski has been riding and writing for over half her life now. A love of Hemingway and Tolstoy has informed her knack for inspiring others with words. A career spent traveling the world on editorial assignment—from Kashmir to Chamonix to Helsinki—has given her a world-wise approach to the marketing and brand messaging she now crafts for Adidas, Columbia and Teva to name a few.

As a copywriter, Sherowski brings an energy and easy, informed voice to anything she touches. Fresh into her 20s, she spent over a decade helping define the voice of the world’s biggest snowboard magazine. Weary of cubicle life, she moved to Portland and launched freelance—quickly building a thriving commercial copywriting career in the outdoor sports world mainly through word of mouth. Her compelling copy has powered movie scripts, massaged dozens of seasonal directives, and helped major brands sell thousands of products.

Previously: Transworld Snowboarding, Nemo Design

Hometown: Vail, Colorado