team_jdFor former Roxy Marketing Manager Jessica Dalpiaz, a sweet, soft demeanor belies her strength, smarts, and all-around bad-ass-ness. It’s the old bait and switch. Sure, she spent eleven years as a professional snowboarder—dropping cliffs and landing X-Games medals. But sitting in a room with her, it’s all gentleness and humor.

Dalpiaz brings serious branding chops and a talent for strategic communication to the CKC team. As a sponsored athlete on Team Roxy, Dalpiaz’s crucial input helped develop the Roxy Snow category. When the brand wanted to get real about appealing to the core market, they hired her as marketing manager—tapping into Jessica’s trend savviness and knowledge of what makes the female athlete tick. So successful were her programs, the brand gave her management of their entire action sports category.

Dalpiaz now puts her marketing talents to work developing Brand Strategy for a variety of clients and categories amidst a busy schedule of raising two young boys.

Previously: Roxy, Fuel TV

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah