It will be the big day off Rachel (Piper Perabo) and you may Heck (Matthew Goode)

Ol Parker's 2005 homosexual rom-com "Think Me & You" imagines what takes place once you find out what you want from the incorrect time. On her own matrimony, although not, Rachel fits this new florist Luce (Lena Headey), and you may feels inexplicably attracted to her. Rachel and Luce rating nearer once the friends, but soon Rachel understands that she wishes more you to.

"Consider Me personally & You" is actually a nice rom com having a happy finish that works well as a result of the chemistry regarding Perabo and you will Headey (which thank goodness shows none of your diabolical attributes she after would as the Cersei Lannister). The film failed to fare well vitally, however, you to definitely has never eliminated queer watchers off looking at they (for every Autostraddle), and its own almost double listeners rating on Bad Tomatoes shows that new gatekeepers do not always understand what some body need or you would like.

"Imagine Myself & You" is a great queer movie as it cannot check out the extremes one to rom-coms always carry out. There aren't any villains right here, and all the fresh letters are treated empathetically. It's a film you to definitely resides in the latest not clear room anywhere between black and white - Rachel actually tormented by internalized homophobia or her thoughts to possess an excellent woman; the woman is troubled one to their feelings indicate she'll harm some one she loves greatly. Perhaps this is actually the queerest aspect about this, because it looks at issue out of what takes place whenever a some one come upon bad timing, and you may have a problem with injuring those it care about.

Je Tu Il Elle

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