How conventional, old-fashioned and you can high-status was indeed typical members of this type of groups?

And just how much choice did they have over its category subscription? (Some things are seen as more genetic than the others-Girls Gaga's anthem “Born Like that” is actually followed from the homosexuals, maybe not hipsters.) Then he examined study out-of a national election questionnaire you to definitely asked people its governmental orientation and just how loving otherwise cool its thinking was in fact with the people 42 teams.

Old-fashioned governmental views was indeed synchronised with coldness towards the liberals, gays and you may lesbians, transgender anybody, feminists, atheists, somebody on the hobbies, unlawful immigrants, blacks, experts, Hispanics, labor unions, Buddhists, Muslims, hippies, hipsters, Democrats, goths, immigrants, lower-category individuals and nerds. Liberal governmental opinions, on top of that, were synchronised having coldness on conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, rich individuals, the new Tea party, large providers, Christians, Mormons, the new military, Catholics, law enforcement, people, whites, Republicans, religious somebody, Christians and you may top-category some body. Read more