Katie McKenney:

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I love macrame but I wanted to put a more modern spin on those vintage ones you come across in thrift stores.  If you've ever been a little girl (or boy) crazy for braiding I'm pretty sure you'll have no problem at all picking up this new skill. A  google search for DIY macrame plant holder comes up with a plethora of step by step directions and videos for various styles of knotting/braiding for creating custom plant holder or wall piece. My favorite simple guide was from My Little Sunshine House her guide was so easy to follow and you can easily pick it up in less than 30 minutes.



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These were my first 2 attempts at a simple option. I didn't have any cute little jars on hand so an empty coffee cup and salt shaker work just fine. My only advice is I majorly underestimated the amount of rope you'll be actually using, so use more than you think is necessary.


And from Whimsey Box where you can purchase a kit with all the pieces to build your own macrame. I did not purchase this kit but it was a great resource for picking up on how to make a Spiral Knot. All in all I had a blast learning all the new knots and braids. I will defiantly be creating some more plant holders and wall pieces for my home and studio.