Jen Lorentzen:

If you work in action sports and have not yet watched this talk, be sure to set aside 15 minutes and do so. Her lecture focuses on the idea that if you show girls participating, you will see more participation. The female market has the most opportunity for growth. "How to you grow women's product sales? Utilize marketing strategies that encourage girls to participate. Pick up your board and ride it, not just sit on the sidelines and admire the guys. If girls get into it for the right reasons they will be lifelong customers."

Not only is there benefit to the business, she explains that girls who play sports will get better grades, are more likely to graduate, have higher self esteem and are less likely to get breast cancer.

Woozy challenges the audience to support companies that show females as real people. At CKC, we always advocate female athletes as models. Showing girls that women are participants and not spectators is an important way to connect with them as customers.

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