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Jen Lorentzen : My grandfather produced the blue "Notes" tablet above as promotional material for "Plastic Binding" at H&A Printing Co in the late 1960s. They litter my childhood memories – filled with doodles, grocery lists and fort rules. When we needed a promo item for CKC it made sense to reinvent the design.

I am lucky to have quite a few of his tools adorn my desk - his ruler is a treasured item because I use it day to day.

He worked in communications during WWII, and worked in printing with the DOD after his service. He moved into the private sector later, working for printers along the east coast. I guess you could say print design ran in my blood.

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My grandfather (center) at Darsel Printing in Richmond, VA. So interesting how it looks like any press room in the present – minus the dapper neckwear!

Our notebooks are made here in Portland, by Scout Books.