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great photo


by Michael Ford, via Desillusion magazine. Skater: Brooks Anderson

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featured on coroflot

our nike retail folder was featured on the front page of coroflot today!

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norwegian inspired

We've got a fun project we're working on with We Make PDX: Put a Bird in it - birdhouses designed by select creatives from Portland to benefit the arts in public schools. 

We wanted to create a haven for our "ladybirds" and drew inspiration from the Norwegian heritage of Clutched Key. We wanted it to connect to who we are, but put the birds first in terms of function. Here's a sneak peak of ours, check out in-progress photos from the other artists.

While stumbling upon inspiration imagery we found this beauty - if only a birdhouse could do it justice! Oslo-based architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter created this rest stop, 'Statens Vegvesen' in Norway’s Gullesfjordbotn national parkMade from concrete, glass and recycled aluminium window frames, one side of the station faces the arctic elements, while the other lets light into the interior space.

Found via google > Inhabit.

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snowdays golf

snowboarding and golf? together? yep. we helped the snowdays foundation develop and identity program for their annual fundraising event. we wanted a look that felt approachable and fun for the action sports community, but that could also hang at the course and fit right in. thanks to portland's vital signs for printing the banners. we accomplished our fundraising goal for the 2012-13 season!

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before and after

more work and better photos from our work with podnah's pit barbecue coming soon! katie snapped this one in new seasons as the new labels rolled in.

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nike archives “lorentzen collection”

our creative lead, jen, worked at nike for a long time, and over the years procured one of the largest collection of women's product nike archives has purchased.

"the footwear team would borrow my shoes to inspire new designs, i wanted them to stay available after i went out on my own. i used archives a lot when i was helping build the sportswear brand, it was great to give back. my style is heavy in vintage, i wore these all the time. it is great to see them being treated with white gloves - literally!" 


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go skateboarding day!

and it was actually sunny and dry in portland! head over to commonwealth tonight to celebrate and check out some art!

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mini vacation

i swear i feel warmer just looking at this -

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in progress…

little sneak peak at a back burner project...

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 6.13.49 PM


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fun nights with nikki lane

had a great visit with ms. nikki lane before her show at wonder ballroom friday night. we didn't get a thrift trip in, but we did stay up late and i had a great time watching her and jason (spiritualized) put a song together.
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