We've got a fun project we're working on with We Make PDX: Put a Bird in it - birdhouses designed by select creatives from Portland to benefit the arts in public schools. 

We wanted to create a haven for our "ladybirds" and drew inspiration from the Norwegian heritage of Clutched Key. We wanted it to connect to who we are, but put the birds first in terms of function. Here's a sneak peak of ours, check out in-progress photos from the other artists.

While stumbling upon inspiration imagery we found this beauty - if only a birdhouse could do it justice! Oslo-based architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter created this rest stop, 'Statens Vegvesen' in Norway’s Gullesfjordbotn national parkMade from concrete, glass and recycled aluminium window frames, one side of the station faces the arctic elements, while the other lets light into the interior space.

Found via google > Inhabit.